High School

Macksville High School is accreditied by the Kansas State Department of Education, QPA process. We offer our student a wide variety of courses of study. The following course are offered in different areas: MATHEMATICS: Advanced Math, Alegbra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Applied Math I & II, Calculus; SCIENCE: Anatomy and Physiology, Applied Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science and Physics: FAMILY/CONSUMER SCIENCE: Advanced Foods and Nutrition, Basic Foods and Nutrition, Careeres, Independent Living, Life Skills, Parenting/Child Development: BUSINESS/COMPUTERS: Accounting, COmputer Applications, Computer Technology, Introduction to Business; AGRICULTURE: Introduction to Agriculture, Agriculture Power (Engine Fundamentals), Agriculture Production; TECHNOLOGY: Engineering Graphics, Exploration of Technology, Introduction to Technology, Woodworking I/II; ENGLISH: English I,II, III, IV, Core English, Study Skills, Speech, Yearbook; SOCIAL STUDIES: American Government, American History, Leadership, Phsychology, Sociology, World Geography, World History, Freshman Health/Physical Education. FINE ARTS: Art I/II/III/IV, Band, Choir; FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Spanish I, II, III, IV, French I, II, English as a Second Language