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Foundation for Education

USD 351

Mission Statement

The USD 351 Foundation for Education, Inc. provides resources to assure a margin of excellence in the educational experience for all students through a partnership of our surrounding communities within our district and the Macksville Public Schools.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the USD 351 Foundation for Education?

The USD 351 Foundation for Education is a non-profit 501©3 organization founded in 2008 by a group of concerned citizens. They believe the quality of the life in a community is directly related to its educational system.

The Foundation:

  • Supports all USD 351 Schools.
  • Is governed by a voluntary board of directors comprised of a cross-section of the community.
  • Was established to provide USD 351 students with educational opportunities above and beyond those provided by the state.

Why are Private dollars needed to support public education at USD 351?

  This district expects better learning opportunities for its children. Funds that are donated to the Foundation are used exclusively for educational experiences that include, but are not limited to:

  • Programs that directly benefit students.
  • Facilities, equipment and materials that challenge students at all levels.
  • Growing an endowment that will be a long-term source of funding for educational needs.

What possible special projects might be funded?

  • Special software for classroom use with curriculum
  • Computer lab updates
  • Facility updates for special programs
  • Special grants for teachers for new and innovative curriculum

What are the gift opportunities?

Members of the USD 351 Foundation for Education board are familiar with the following types of gift opportunities that are of frequent interest to potential donors. While not exhaustive, this list covers a wide range of possible gift options. No gift is too small, and likewise no gift is too large. All gifts are tax exempt.

Donors, if they wish, will be recognized for their gift large or small, because every gift increases the impact of the USD 351 Foundation for Education.

The Foundation has two types of endowment funds, unrestricted and restricted

Unrestricted Endowments Funds:

The income from unrestricted funds are available for the general use of programs and entities for Foundation supports. They are pooled for investment by the Foundation and income is credited to each sub-account as determined by the investment policy of the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

Restricted Endowment Funds:

TA restricted endowment fund supports a purpose, program, or activity according to the wishes of the donor. Five types of restricted endowment funds are listed below. The purpose of these specific, endowment funds is to appeal to a broad range of donors. Endowment funds that do not fit these categories may be established by consultation with the USD 351 Foundation Board and are subject to the approval by such Board.

  • Memorial/Honor Funds
  • Endowment Funds
  • Construction and Major Renovation Funds
  • Scholarship Funds
  • Project Funds 

Questions not covered with the previous material regarding donations should be addressed to:

Greg Rinehart, Superintendent/ President

USD 351. Foundation for Education
433 N Gilmore
Macksville, Ks 67557
(620) 348 3415