High School

Macksville High School is accreditied by the Kansas State Department of Education, QPA process. We offer our student a wide variety of courses of study. The following course are offered in different areas: MATHEMATICS: Advanced Math, Alegbra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Applied Math I & II, Calculus; SCIENCE: Anatomy and Physiology, Applied Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science and Physics: FAMILY/CONSUMER SCIENCE: Advanced Foods and Nutrition, Basic Foods and Nutrition, Careeres, Independent Living, Life Skills, Parenting/Child Development: BUSINESS/COMPUTERS: Accounting, COmputer Applications, Computer Technology, Introduction to Business; AGRICULTURE: Introduction to Agriculture, Agriculture Power (Engine Fundamentals), Agriculture Production; TECHNOLOGY: Engineering Graphics, Exploration of Technology, Introduction to Technology, Woodworking I/II; ENGLISH: English I,II, III, IV, Core English, Study Skills, Speech, Yearbook; SOCIAL STUDIES: American Government, American History, Leadership, Phsychology, Sociology, World Geography, World History, Freshman Health/Physical Education. FINE ARTS: Art I/II/III/IV, Band, Choir; FOREIGN LANGUAGE: Spanish I, II, III, IV, French I, II, English as a Second Language

Principal's Information

Basketball season is in full swing!  Come out and support our players as we take part in the Larned tournament this week.  Junior high has games as well.  It will be a busy  week.  There are some wonderful pictures posted, so be sure to scroll through them.